The Orixas

In this series, we will call the ancestral spirits of the old Mother Africa.


We will not play with the spirits.

But, yes, using master Neil Gaiman as inspiration, we will try to contextualize some of the myths of the Yoruba Culture for the present world. We will bring first the “original” passage of the legend and then the adaptation for our time.

These myths and legends that date back to an ancestral African continent, still live strongly in some regions of the old mother Africa, but also in various religious manifestations in Brazil, Central America, and the South Atlantic region of the United States of America.

As our sources about the Orixás are Brazilian, brought up by researcher Pierre Vergé and other sources who researched Afro religions in Brazil, the writings of the names and terms Yourubás used, will also bring this Brazilian trend.

Link para a página em Português!

  • Omulu – EN
    Omulu was born Obaluayê, son of Nanã-Boruquê. Son of king and queen, he was born as the king of the World or Obaluayê. Destined to rule over everything and all living beings, the King Over the Living.
  • Omulu – PTBR
    Omulu nasceu Obaluayê, filho de Nanã-Boruquê. Filho de rei e rainha, nasceu como rei do Mundo ou Obaluayê. Destinado a governar sobre tudo e sobre todos os seres vivos, o Rei Sobre os Vivos.