Raul Buchi

I was born in the last century, more precisely, in 1976. Grandson of Swiss, son of Brazilians engaged in changing the world. I was born in Brasília, the capital of everything that could happen at that time.

It was the pinnacle of portable cameras. The peak of the military government in Brazil. Colors were beginning to dominate the television world. Punk Rock started its movement and its first idols (but my parents preferred the Beatles), it would still take two years for women to be able to vote in some cantons in Switzerland.

But I was small, I don’t remember anything from that time.

Then the world began to prepare for the magical ’80s. The colors, the tacky, the bad music and the Goonies’ film. I went through this decade playing Playmobil, playing ball in the square and riding a bicycle.

Nothing worried me, but on the counter, I always had the last issue of the National Geographic Magazine, bringing beautiful photos and impressive articles. Also, my father’s and my mother’s bookshelf, capable of making any military man in the dictatorship go mad with anger, was beginning to catch my attention.

The 90s were energetic. A lot of grunge, a lot of national rock, a lot of mountains and a lot of philosophy. Also, in the middle of the decade, I started college in psychology, wearing a nice plaid flannel shirt.

The 2000s made everything absolutely digital. They opened the digital multimodality of the contemporary world to 640kb. They shaped the world we have today.

Raul de Freitas Buchi