Omulu – EN

Legend one:

The King over the living

Omulu was born Obaluayê, son of Nanã-Boruquê. Son of king and queen, he was born as the king of the World or Obaluayê. Destined to rule over everything and all living beings, the King Over the Living.

Your mother

His mother, vain, abusively beautiful, seductive, and powerful, even though she was deeply fearless to the point of having seduced Oxalá, king over existence, son of the supreme God over the universe, she was afraid.

She knew that the child to come would bear the marks of error.
The untouchable Oxalá had fallen into her network of charms and charms and in it, his sacred seed of magnificent power had been left.

Omulu would come into the world with the marks of that error, as a poor and shameful victim of smallpox. These deformities, unacceptable to the vain queen Nanã-Boruquê, would also be the mark of her error and guilt, the shame not only of ugliness but of the tragic misuse of her forces. Shame under the marks of the child to come.

The abandonment

After his birth, Omulu is dropped by his mother under a bridge, on the edge of a large river, on the exact crossing between two worlds.

Left to his destiny, abandoned by his mother and unknown to his father, for Omulu, what remains in his newborn chest, only the force of crying. From his eyes, closed and watery on his deformed face, the tears of fear drag the dust that accumulates from the world that should be yours.

The lung and the strong chest, only present in the king over the living, feed the cry that reverberates through the worlds, crying out for help and, above all, a warm lap to lean on.


Yemanjá, the queen of love, perpetrator of hope, and a gentle breath over the dusty eyes of the sufferers, recognize the cry, without ever having heard it. It is the mother who recognizes the hunger of her children in the cries of others and quickly drips milk to simply nourish. Gathering the king in his hands, she takes him to the eternal sea, his warm and welcoming kingdom.

The hero’s eternal redemption

Obaluayê no longer exists in this world until the day it begins to exist again. But, he is no longer himself, he is another, Omulu comes from the kingdom of Yemanjá wearing his Azo-iko (straw suit) and his iko hood. He holds Xaxará in his hand, his scepter adorned with palm fiber straw, beads, and shells.

Returns more king than he was when he was born. Now that he is back in existence, he is king over the living and over death. Those who die from disease and plague, die for what they bring and what they bring Omulu. Those find illness and health, they find what Omulu brings and brings.


Her mother, frightened and sorry for the immense and infinite times of guilt, kneels at her feet and gives her her rightful kingdom. Oxalá is aware, then, of its history, crowns, and consecrates Omulu in all its magnitude. Existence celebrates the power of life, health, disease, and death in one king over the living and the dead.

Forgiveness to the humble, suffering and helpless, forgiveness to the discouraged and lost, walks with Omulu as sweetness walks with the old people who feed on wisdom. Nanâ-Boruquê is redeemed from her guilt and sits again in the pantheon of the orixás.

Omulu is The King.