Lobotomy, Yes!

“It has been months since I was locked up here, doubt is on my mind, I have no news, much fewer explanations. I am surrounded by insane people, without even being one, I remain drugged by unnecessary medicines, which they force through my throat, I had my freedom restricted without telling me why. I miss my home, my comfort, I don’t know how long my body will endure, even if I’m not senile, I’m not a young woman anymore, my shaking hands barely support the weight of a glass of water, I’ve never had serious health problems, as a result of malnutrition everything seems worse, I feel constantly weak, I’m so thin that I can break in half at any time. “

The woman spoke hysterically, sobbing between her phrases, but the nurse, already used to this type of scene, just dropped the tray with a grossly bland gorilla on the floor and pushed with her foot through the entrance. The employee snorts and starts to light a cigarette, taking a long drag and then breathing out the smoke on the woman’s face:

“Look, darling … ” She speaks in an affected tone ” If we really, at least cared, to release madmen like you, these little hindrances of society …” She stops, hits the cigarette ash on the woman’s food through the hatch and walks down the hall, with wide hips partially blocking the view.

The woman approaches the food and nudges the pile of old rice with cigarette ash and other disgusting ingredients, frowning in disgust as she pushes the tray with a kick through the hatch and screams at the top of her lungs:

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”I DON’T BELONG TO THIS PLACE!” The poor woman kicked the door and wept mournfully on the floor. ”I just want to see my family …”
Attracted by the uproar, a large-sized nurse, holding a syringe with a liquid of doubtful origin and behind him a doctor. Unlike the others, the doctor wore a pair of dress pants and well-polished shoes, had pale skin and an iron smile, and gave the woman chills.

”Good morning, Mrs Hayworth …. Apparently you are not enjoying your stay here.” He widens his smile in a macabre way, approaching the woman and extending his hand for her to reach. – “Oh! But my rudeness! Allow me to perform decently! I am dr. Amos Bates and I will be responsible for you, during your …'” He pauses and his eyes form an expression that makes him even more eerie “treatment …” His smile seems to increase as if he is not already sinister enough. – ”Well, follow me to the office and we will discuss it.”

He goes to the door, taking the key out of his pocket:

“Arnold, please take our guest of honor, gently to my office, will you?” – The official drags the woman, not delicate to the doctor’s office.
The passage to the living room straight white corridors, crowded with doors, looking abandoned and filthy, it seemed impossible to know where you were going, a wrong turn and you would be stuck the rest of your life without getting anywhere.

The director’s office was outside the white area, where the environment already seemed minimally habitable, so the patient was led to a large door, with a polished surface and a strong smell of rotten wood, where a shiny gold plaque shone with the name of Dr. Amos Bates.

She stared at the door and was pushed inside, the office was spotless, furniture well polished, everything organized and a red chair with a high back stood out behind the table in the center of the room, in front of it two old chairs with an uncomfortable aspect.

The nurse named Arnold tied Norma to one of the chairs, leaving it facing the doctor, who kept his eyes fixed on her, with an expression that seemed fascinated. Soon the doctor began to speak about treatments in previous patients who were very successful;

“Since I became chief physician and director of Brookline, the suicide death rate has fallen and the surgeries have had an effect” He continued to speak about his professional greatness and how he was an example in his field and extremely important, while Norma faced him distressed, because she wanted to know why the hell her family had imprisoned her there. She couldn’t believe that her dear son could have even considered the possibility of interning her, no …

Not her dear Tom …

That thought was too painful for her poor heart, which clutched the arm of the chair in a state of anxiety and nervousness. When Doctor Bates finished his narcissistic speech, he started talking about Norma’s stay-” Ah! My dear, don’t worry, your husband and father put you here just because they love you …. “

“Do you think it was easy for them to put you in such an expensive institution and so far from your home? It must have been a big dilemma for them, considering they loved you, they were no longer able to take care of you at home …”

laughed a smile that sent chills down the patient’s spine.
-. “His treatment of psychotic hysteria is going to be a success, nothing that a good electroshock won’t solve, or maybe a good lobotomy”- he paused and scratched his chin while thinking- ‘”Well … Why not both!” He laughed and Norma curled up in her chair.

“But … My son did not take a position on my hospitalization? I mean, he was always attached to me, he even lived with me and my husband as an adult …. I don’t understand how he could have allowed this misdiagnosis of hysteria! And see, doctor, my marriage to Howard has always been satisfactory, it must have been some diagnostic error ….”

”Oh, doctor, it does not enter my mind that my dear Tom would allow such a thing …. “

“At least I can call him at home?” – Dr. Bates straightens his posture in the chair, looking at the file with an impassive look, apparently, Norma had given birth to a child, who was born and died in a matter of days. Notes made by the doctor said that Norma remained clinging to the newborn’s body, treating it as if it were alive, nursing and lulling the child around the house, laying it in the crib, as if it were still alive.

But on the record, there was really no detail about a child who had grown up or at least survived her first months, the husband mentioned the nurse that she had given birth to a healthy girl, but who disappeared hours after giving birth and never again she was seen, only her body was found in the well, one Sunday morning when the couple’s maid went to fetch water in the morning.

Given the contradictory information and no mention of compulsive lying on his record, Dr. Bates was astonished by the state of the woman’s condition, thinking it best to ignore her, after all, he might not be a liar, but she was still in an asylum. He decided that he would talk to the woman, treating her like crazy, and then he would call the family in the late afternoon to confirm about this poorly noted information.

The conversation was normal, for the psychiatric parameter of the woman, who at times seemed to be paralyzed and at others she had unlearned to speak, babbling phrases and words without context or meaning.

At the end of the conversation, Dr was already impatient with the woman who started to scream uncontrollably, sending Arnaldo to lock her up again, the woman kicked herself until a nurse doped her with strong sedatives, with which the nursing team could carry her. easily back to your room.

The doctor massaged his temples while the woman was being carried, he got up and asked the secretary for a cup of coffee, sitting on the edge of the table and leafing through Mrs. Hayworth’s chart more carefully, searching for the home phone.

The woman who brought her coffee had a wrinkled face, which made the man think of firing her and hiring someone younger and prettier, with the coffee in his hands, sat down again in the red chair, which gave him an air of power, turned the plug and ended up finding the phone, which then if you dial it:

“Hello, Good afternoon, I would like to speak to Mr. Howard Hayworth, please.” – He drumming his agitated fingers on the table, when a female voice answers him:

“Ah! Yes, good afternoon, just a moment, will you? I’ll call him at the office” – A few seconds pass and then Mr. Hayworth is on the phone- “Good afternoon, who’s this?”

“Hello Mr. Hayworth … this is Dr. Bates, from the brookline institution.”

“Ah, yes what do you want?” – The man responds harshly.

“I need to confirm some information about your wife … The doctor states in a demanding tone.”

“Yes…? Say it”

“After all, do you have any children?” – Dr. Bates speaks with rudeness

“None that survived childhood”

“But what about the tone? She only talks about him, is he adopted? Any distant relative? Apprentice or what?”

“There is no tone. For that very reason, she was hospitalized.” – The patriarch hangs up the phone rudely, irritated, for having explained this more than once to the asylum officials. On the other end of the line, Dr was determined, lobotomy yes!

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