Working the narratives heard in text and image is not always an easy task, therefore, the frequency of our blog can be quite variable. Each story, in itself, brings details and marks that, when passed on to the text or drawing, need to be treated with care so that they are not lost during the process.

As the stories are not created, but heard, transcribed, and then worked on, the characters are protected and protected in their privacy and image secret. If you find your story on our blog, don’t worry. Nobody will know that the character is you.

On our blog, you will find these narratives brought in the most beautiful prose, marked by drawings that will wrap the text and bring visual meaning to the stories.

Above you can findf the post organized by category. The posts are written in Portuguese, but published in English and Portuguese.

  • Omulu – EN
    Omulu was born Obaluayê, son of Nanã-Boruquê. Son of king and queen, he was born as the king of the World or Obaluayê. Destined to rule over everything and all living beings, the King Over the Living.
  • Omulu – PTBR
    Omulu nasceu Obaluayê, filho de Nanã-Boruquê. Filho de rei e rainha, nasceu como rei do Mundo ou Obaluayê. Destinado a governar sobre tudo e sobre todos os seres vivos, o Rei Sobre os Vivos.
  • Arquivo Richter. O Depoimento de um Louco.
    Em minha história será difícil acreditar, bem sei pois a vivi e duvido de mim mesmo. No decorrer do tempo desde então sinto que a sanidade já não mais faz parte do meu caráter. Não só me forçaram a acreditar que estava louco como o medo deveras tornou a insalubridade de minha alma instável.
  • Richter file. The Testimony of a Madman.
    In my story it will be hard to believe, I know because I lived it and I doubt myself. Since then, I feel that sanity is no longer part of my character. Not only did they force me to believe that I was crazy, but fear really made the unhealthiness of my soul unstable.
  • Lobotomia, Sim!
    Seu tratamento de histeria psicótica vai ser um sucesso, nada que um bom eletrochoque não resolva, ou talvez uma boa lobotomia- ele fez uma pausa e coçou o queixo enquanto pensava
  • Lobotomy, Yes!
    The woman spoke hysterically, sobbing between her phrases, but the nurse, already used to this type of scene, just dropped the tray with a grossly bland gorilla on the floor and pushed with her foot through the entrance. The employee snorts and starts to light a cigarette, taking a long drag and then breathing out the smoke on the woman’s face:
  • Seams time
    Every year, they kept money and went to visit their children and stroll through the old continent. But, he was already 65 years old and the trips were tiring and heavy, but they were worth it. It was a little strange that the grandchildren didn’t speak Portuguese, but still, love is above all that, and they adored their grandchildren and vice versa.
  • 900 miles away
    I really cannot see the difference between the refugee boy who became an immigrant and other immigrants who, due to difficulties in adaptation and integration, end up becoming refugees.
  • The Boat
    What drives the migrant is the dream, not the wealth or peace or ambition. It is the dream that drives the boat that transports us between the continents. It is the dream that moves the compass that points from the Northeast to the south, France to Brazil, Switzerland.