Telling in Comics

Storytelling has been, since the beginning of the spoken language, the best and most beautiful way to transmit knowledge. Loaded with fables, tales, myths, and personal adventures, storytelling carries with it the burden of learning that is only possible through experience: experience.

As humans, we can learn in 2 ways: From our own experience and from the experience of the other. Here, we try to learn from each other’s history. Storytelling is the way to transfer and receive the experience without which the pain and fear need to be experienced again.

We bring real adventures on our website.

As the stories are not created, but heard, transcribed and then worked on, the characters are protected and hidden in their privacy and image secret. If you find your story on our blog, don’t worry, nobody will know that the character is you.

But, essentially, we work with a real-life material. People we had shaken hand. People we had a coffee together. And in the end, what we do, is to bring you to the coffee table to delight yourself with these histories we moved on.

Life Spam

Personal stories that were told to us along our trajectories. Sometimes Raul writes them and Vica draws them, sometimes Vica writes them and Raul draws them. But, fundamentally we write and draw stories lived by friends, acquaintances, family members or simply people who passed through our lives quickly, letting their narratives in our hearts.

People who, with their narratives, left lessons, experiences full of knowledge, emotions, and life.


Switzerland is considered by its citizens as the country of happiness. With high levels of quality of life, Swiss residents are the second happiest people on the planet. The population is made up of almost 28% foreigners.

But, when we analyze the holders of a Swiss identity card, we see that in their stories, “foreign blood” is present. In other words, like Brazil, Australia, Canada, and the USA, Switzerland is a country of immigrants.

Interestingly, things were not always like this. Between 1830 and 1940 around 7 million people emigrated from Switzerland (the current population is about 9 million).

This figure makes Switzerland the European country from which proportionally more people emigrated (second to England and Italy) during the 19th century. Hunger, disease, new hopes, religion, and promises of a better life were the motivation for all this emigration.

Each of these immigrants carries a history of entrepreneurship, adventure, and courage. With the suitcase on their backs, confrontations, pains, adaptations, and integration are every day a fight against prejudice, racism, and fear.

Our blog collects these stories and transforms them into written and drawn narratives, an invitation to learn and to accept differences.

Who we are

Vicca Comics

Vica é desenhista amadora, fotógrafa amadora e rebelde profissional. Engajada em não se contentar com o sistema e as consequências dele na vida dos indivíduos, move-se em contraponto com o conformismo. Com um não na ponta da língua, traz para esse blog a simplicidade do traço e a dedicação textual para a construção das narrativas.

Raul Buchi

Raul é psicólogo por formação, mas caçador de história pessoais por amor. Remendado profissionalmente, desde 2017, dedica-se à produção de conteúdos on-line para seus diversos blogs. Fotógrafo amador, escritor amador e faxineiro profissional, observa o mundo através de seus componentes: as pessoas.